Broadband Facts

Fixed broadband consumer disclosure

Choose Your Service Data Plan for: OptiNet Undefined
Monthly charge for month-to-month planUndefined
Monthly charge for contract planNot Applicable
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Other Charges and Terms

Data included with monthly chargeUnlimited
Charges for additional data usageNot Applicable
Gateway leaseNot Applicable
Other monthly feesNot Applicable
One-time fees
       Activation fee$0.00
       Deposit$0.00 to $200.00
       Deposit amount dependent on customer credit score. Click here for the Policy
       Installation fee$0.00
       Early termination feeNot Applicable
Government Taxes and Other Government-Related FeesNot Applicable
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Performance (Individual Performance May Vary)

Typical speed downstream1Undefined Mbps
Typical speed upstream1Undefined Mbps
Typical latency< 20 milliseconds
Typical packet loss< 0.1%

Network Management

Application-specific network management practices?Yes
Subscriber-triggered network management practices?No
More details on network management
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Complaints or Inquiries
To contact us: online / (276) 821-6100
To submit complaints to the FCC: online / (888) 225-5322

Learn more about the terms used on this form and other relevant information at the FCC's website.

1Individual performance may vary. Speeds 350 Mbps and above are estimated. Results shown are aggregated data from randomized testing collected January, 2017 across multiple service locations and conditions. In order for subscribers to achieve speeds above 100 Mbps, customer supplied equipment is necessary (Gigabit router and or NIC). For more information on how to ensure you are getting your subscribed speed, please call (276) 821-6169 or e-mail OptiNet at the address: support[at]