At BVU & OptiNet, we understand the importance of quality and reliability for your business, but we know there may be times when you need to contact us. Our team of highly-trained professionals can quickly answer your questions and ensure that your business runs at top speed.

Customer Service

To sign up for services or for billing inquiries, please contact Customer Service. Call, email or visit us during open office hours.
Bristol 276-821-6200 | Abingdon 276-698-3210 | Toll-Free 866-835-1288 |
Phone Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am – 8pm; Sat, 8am – 12pm

Technical Support

To report an outage or service issue, contact Technical Support. Call or email us.
Bristol 276-821-6170 | Abingdon 276-698-3210 | Toll-Free 888-754-0544 |
Phone Hours: 24/7/365

Visit Our Office

15022 Lee Highway, Bristol, VA 24202 (Between I-81 Exits 7 & 10)
Office Hours: Mon-Thurs, 8am – 5pm; Fri, 8am – 6pm

Downloadable Resources:

Voice Feature Guide (PDF)

What if my Voice Service is out?

  1. VERIFY that other service are working (video and/or data)
    1. IF your other SERVICES are OUT, please call our 24/7 Tech Support for further assistance
    2. IF other SERVICES are WORKING continue to STEP 2
  2. UNPLUG all phones from any/all phone jacks
  3. PLUG IN a corded ‘test’ PHONE (if available) to a WALL JACK
    1. IF you HAVE a DIAL TONE, this confirms that your VOICE service are working and you may need to trouble shoot your other phones
    2. IF still NO DIAL TONE continue to STEP 5
  5. TEST each phone jack in the home for dial tone
    1. IF you HAVE a DIAL TONE on any of the phone jacks it could be a possible wiring issue on those particular WALL JACKS
    2. IF still NO DIAL TONE, please CALL our 24/7 Tech Support

I have Voicemail with my BVU Voice service, what’s next?

  • Accessing Voicemail
  1. DIAL *15 from your HOME PHONE

*if that doesn’t work, please call our 24/7 Tech Support for further assistance

  1. ENTER your Passcode (000000) by default
  2. ENTER a New Passcode and Confirm it when prompted
  • Recording a Greeting
  1. From the MAIN MENU, PRESS 0 to change your greeting
    1. When prompted RECORD your greeting
    2. PRESS # to keep your greeting
  • Recording a Name
  1. PRESS 0 to record your name
    1. When prompted RECORD your name
    2. PRESS # to keep your recorded name

How can I check my Voicemail from another number like my cell phone or work?

  1. DIAL the appropriate number below for your area
  • Bristol 276-644-9090
  • Abingdon 276-525-1090
  • Chilhowie 276-521-9090
  • Honaker 276-991-9090
  • Lebanon 276-415-9090
  • Richlands 276-345-9090
  • Saltville 276-262-9090
  • Marion 276-706-8090
  • Bluefield 276-245-1090
  • Grundy 276-244-1090
  • Tazewell 276-385-1090
  • Clintwood 276-926-7090
  • St. Paul 276-762-8090
  • Oakwood 276-498-5090
  • Haysi 276-865-7090
  1. ENTER your 10 digit home phone number when prompted for your Voice Mailbox number
  2. ENTER your Security PIN
  3. LISTEN to your Messages