SECURITY All of our QuantumHome packages offer features you expect, like around-the-clock monitoring, professional installation, and mobile app/web portal to allow you to manage your home from across town or around the world. Meeting your home’s specific security needs is no problem with an array of security equipment options. Check out a demo of our interactive panel here.

 HOME AUTOMATION Because home-energy management is more important than ever, the QuantumHome system allows you to automate lighting, appliances and even your home’s heating system. You can automate thermostat controls to reduce heating costs when you’re not home, but as you drive home, your GPS-enabled mobile phone or device can automatically tell your heating/air system to get the house to the temperature just right for you. You can even automate appliances and lighting to help you be as efficient as possible.
SMART-SCENES & ON THE GO QuantumHome gives you the flexibility to set up custom smart-scenes that help you manage your home with ease. Imagine…every time someone rings your door bell you receive a text message with a picture of who’s standing at your door! Get real-time text/email alerts when doors and windows are opened. You can even get a video clip or image automatically emailed when your door is opened. You can also lock and unlock doors from anywhere with the mobile app.

VA Lic. # 11-8449