BVU Releases 2017 Audited Financial Statements

As discussed at the October 26, 2017, BVU Authority Board of Directors’ meeting, BCS (Blackburn, Childers & Steagall, PLC) conducted an audit of the financial statements of BVU Authority for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2017. Below is a link to the 2017 financial statements and supplementary information.

BVU Authority Financial Statements 2017


OptiNet to Launch The Olympic Channel SD & HD

On September 29, 2017, The Olympic Channel HD will be added to OptiNet’s QuantumVu lineup of available programming (HD channel 1059, SD channel 59).

Content from The Olympic Channel will replace former content provider Chiller TV.

The Olympic Channel is the home for all content in, around and about the Olympic Games. From the athletes’ personal stories to their training regimens, from world championships and Olympic qualifying competitions to new sports looking to get into the Olympics…The Olympic Channel presents all things Olympic every day of the year.

QuantumVu Channel Lineup Changes
• The Olympic Channel HD channel 1059
• The Olympic Channel channel 59
• Chiller TV (CONTENT DISCONTINUED) channel 74

OptiNet Channel Lineup Changes
• The Olympic Channel channel 219
• Chiller TV (CONTENT DISCONTINUED) channel 219


On-Screen Caller ID Discontinued for Legacy Cable System

Please be advised OptiNet’s On-Screen Caller ID function will be phased out for OptiNet cable customers not already on QuantumVu beginning in July 2017 due to discontinued support from vendor. By January 2018, the service will not be available to any customer that does not have our all-digital QuantumVu service. If you wish to utilize this service, as well as many other great features such as VOD, legacy cable customers will need to upgrade to a QuantumVu video package. Please call customer service today at 276-821-6100 for additional information or to upgrade. Thank you for choosing OptiNet – your local provider.


BVU Receives Water Quality Award

The Department of Health of the Commonwealth of Virginia has awarded a 2015 Water Fluoridation Quality Award to BVU. This award, issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recognizes outstanding performance in fluoridation management by public water systems. Fluoridation is the adjustment of fluoride in the water to a level that is optimal for preventing tooth decay.

Community water fluoridation has been recognized by CDC as one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th Century. Currently, nearly three-quarters (74.6 percent)—or 210 million people—served by community water systems have access to optimally fluoridated tap water. CDC recommends water fluoridation as a safe, effective, and inexpensive method of preventing tooth decay. In fact, every $1 invested in fluoridation saves at least $38 in costs for dental treatment.

2015 Water Fluoridation Quality Award Certificate



Subject to TVA regulatory oversight, BVU Authority budgets $500,000 annually from its electric division to support qualified economic incentive grants. Qualifying projects must be located inside the city limits of Bristol, Virginia. Also the project expenditures must provide a “commensurate benefit” to BVU’s electric system.

Businesses interested in applying for an incentive must file an application with BVU Authority. BVU staff and the Board of Directors review all applications. The Board publicly votes to approve, modify, or reject any applications. If approved, the applicant must negotiate a bilateral contract directly with BVU, to be ratified by the Board.

With the goal of full transparency to BVU’s ratepayers, the incentive process includes, but is not limited to:

  • Application
  • Award Decision
  • Contract
  • Administration
  • Fund Disbursements

Additionally, BVU provides details of each incentive on its website (specific grants information is available via the links below), as required under Virginia Code 15.2-7202.18. Total funds expended by fiscal year are listed below. For more details, please review the individual grant documents of the BVU Audit for that fiscal year.

Please contact BVU for additional information on any specific grant.

  • FY 2017: $0
  • FY 2016: $156,983.88 ($114,983.33 ED Funds + $42,000 Marketing Funds)
  • FY 2015: $389,409


Studio Brew

Alpha Natural Resources

The Falls


Virginia Auditor of Public Accounts Releases Review of BVU

In October, 2016, the Virginia Auditor of Public Accounts released its review of BVU. The audit covers a wide range of financial, operational, and management issues. It also includes a comprehensive summary of the federal criminal cases related to BVU. Below is a link to the public document. The BVU Board of Directors and Management team continue to work diligently to address all recommendations.

Review of Bristol Virginia Utilities


BVU Releases 2016 TVA Annual Report

BVU has released its annual TVA financial report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016. This report reflects BVU’s financial condition as of June 30, 2016, and the results of BVU’s electric operations for the fiscal year ended on that date.

BVU’s books of account are kept in accordance with the provisions of the power contract between BVU and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), and are consistent with the requirements of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s system of accounts.

2016 TVA Annual Report


BVU Releases 2016 Audited Financial Statements

As discussed at the February 10, 2017, BVU Authority Board of Directors’ meeting, BCS (Blackburn, Childers & Steagall, PLC) conducted an audit of the financial statements of BVU Authority for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2016. Below is a link to the 2016 financial statements and supplementary information.

BVU Authority Financial Statements 2016

Holston Valley Broadcasting

CUSTOMER NOTIFICATION: MyNetwork TV No Longer Available

On midnight, January 29, 2017, Holston Valley Broadcasting Corporation (WKPT/WAPK) made changes to its network lineup. As of January 30, 2017, WAPK is no longer a MyNetwork TV affiliate. With this change, BVU OptiNet no longer has access to the signal. Until further notice, we will continue to carry Grit, COZI, and Me-TV as offered by Holston Valley Broadcasting.

MyNetwork TV was carried on BVU OptiNet Channel 6 (SD) and 439 (HD), and on OptiNet QuantumVu on Channel 6 (SD) and 1006 (HD).




Effective January 1, 2017, local broadcast stations will increase the fees they charge BVU OptiNet to rebroadcast their signals by $1.25 per month. As a result, the Local Retransmission Fees charged on your bill will increase beginning February 1, 2017.

Effective February 1, 2017, the new rate will be $9.50 per month.

What is a Local Retransmission Fee?

The Local Retransmission Fee is charged by local broadcast networks to cable and satellite customers for access to their signal. The US Congress has authorized broadcast stations, such as NBC, CBS, FOX, and CBS, to provide consent (grant or deny permission) for cable operators to retransmit the signal to customers. This agreement is typically renegotiated every three years.

In accordance with this law, OptiNet is required to obtain retransmission consent from various local broadcasters. The Federal Communications Act prohibits cable operators and other video programming distributors from retransmitting broadcast signals without first obtaining each broadcaster’s consent. Each broadcaster charges BVU OptiNet a fee, which is called a Local Retransmission Fee, for their consent to rebroadcast.

BVU OptiNet has chosen to show Local Retransmission Fees as a separate line item on your bill. The entire amount collected for Local Retransmission Fees is then remitted to the local broadcast networks.



Any member of the public requesting additional information regarding procurement notices and/or review a copy of any sole source justification memo should contact:

Kimberly Robinette, 276-645-8793,


All BVU Authority solicitations (Bids, RFPs, RFQs) for Apparatus, Supplies, Materials, Equipment, Services, and Construction will be posted below. Please check back frequently for current information.


Currently, the following Notices of Award are available. Please check back frequently for current information.


This is BVU Authority’s official written notice under Virginia Code 2.2-4303.E of the local public body’s determination regarding a sole source procurement decision. The Authority, through its CEO, has determined that only one source was practicably available. These notices will remain on the website for at least fifteen (15) days.

  • No Notices Currently Available.