About Our Electric System

BVU Authority has been providing electricity service to the Bristol-area since 1945. Our community’s power is generated by TVA and delivered to customers via 10 substations and our reliable system.

All of our services are backed by our local staff of highly-trained professionals. As with all of our company’s divisions, we strive to deliver the best possible services to our customers.

In the rare situation that you are experiencing trouble with your electric service, please take a look at our advanced Outage Map If you see your area highlighted on the map, you can rest easy knowing that we are aware of the situation and help is on the way.

New Customers

Welcome to BVU Authority; we are excited that you have chosen to make your home in our wonderful community. We look forward to serving you; getting started is easy. To set up utility services, please complete the form below or visit us at 15022 Lee Highway, Bristol, VA 24202.


Please attach 1 form of photo identification.

Identification 1
Proof of Ownership/Occupacy
I am requesting utility service(s) at the above service address and as a condition of BVU providing the service(s) I understand the following: it shall be unlawful for me (1) to obtain or attempt to obtain by use of any fraudulent means or methods service with the intent to avoid payment for the same; (2) to cause another to avoid such payment; or (3) assist another in avoiding such payment through the making of multiple applications for service at one address, or otherwise.
Based upon BVU extending credit to me by billing for my service usage after I have already consumed it, I understand BVU may request a credit report from a local or national credit bureau.
I understand that if it is necessary to file suit or take legal action to enforce this agreement/contract, such action shall be instituted in the courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia having jurisdiction in the City of Bristol, Virginia, unless otherwise mandated by law and that all costs associated with enforcement and attorney’s fees shall be paid by me per BVU Rules and Regulations.
I understand that all the answers above are true and complete and are submitted for the purpose of obtaining service(s) from BVU. I will be responsible for all charges for such service until BVU is notified in writing to the contrary and service is disconnected. I understand that such service shall be furnished, subject to the Rules and Regulations of BVU, as amended from time to time, copies of which are available to me at all times during normal business hours at the BVU office, 15022 Lee Highway, Bristol, Virginia.
I give BVU permission to apply any credit balance from my electric deposit to my final bill that could include water, wastewater and sanitation charges.