About Our Water & Wastewater Systems

BVU Authority has been providing water and wastewater services to the Bristol-area since 1951. Our community’s water is sourced at South Holston Lake, just southeast of Abingdon, VA. Water is pumped to a 10 MGD (million gallons per day) treatment plant where our staff carefully and thoroughly treats and purifies our community’s water. We are continually improving our system to keep up with demand and provide our customers the highest quality water. Of course, all of our services are backed by our local staff of highly-trained professionals.

Our Wastewater Treatment Plant is jointly owned with the City of Bristol, TN. The plant’s standard capacity is 15 MGD and is capable of treating up to 25 MGD, when necessary.

In an effort to provide equal sanitary sewer service for BVU customers who are not on our wastewater system, BVU has instituted a Septic Tank Maintenance Program. This program provides septic tank maintenance only for those residents who are not on our Wastewater System. Please call us for details.

New Customers

Welcome to BVU Authority; we are excited that you have chosen to make your home in our wonderful community. We look forward to serving you; getting started is easy. To set up utility services, please complete the form here or visit us at 15022 Lee Highway, Bristol, VA 24202.

Please Note: Only one online form submission is necessary for setting up all utility services, including: electricity, water, wastewater and garbage disposal.